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Discussion on: (Don't) Put it on the backlog

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

Having worked in QA for a while I would never really delete anything, at most mark it with a "deleted" flag. :)

However marked, it would simply no longer appear in the list of active things to consider. It can still be searched, and if it comes up again it is resurrected from its zombie state.

Forums tend to be chaotic in my view. You don't necessarily get threads, instead having multiple threads over months talking about similar requests. The "backlog" (a generic issue system in my mind) would combine these posts into a central location. In no way does it block any forum activity.

It doesn't matter by which criteria something makes it into the backlog, even if fully thought out and planned, some will eventually be ignored. The rate of addition will always exceed the rate of implementation. This is okay, since as you said (or implied) in the original article, it's more important to adapt to current cirumstances than complete the list.