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I call myself a programmer. It's what I do in my profession. There's nothing wrong with this title. It's honest and direct.

Software Developer is just wrong, since there are many people involved in development of a software. It says nothing of the role you are actually playing.


I appreciate your perspective. Insofar as all job titles are reductionist, "programmer" isn't too far out.

I disagree about Software Developer being "wrong," though. I do a whole lot more than write code--in fact, there are days when I don't write any code at all. I'm in meetings discussing features, design, sometimes even low-level business strategy. My VP of Product likes to remind us devs that our job isn't to write code, it's to develop software. And since developing software ultimately requires writing code, I see the term as both justified and accurate. It covers the complete scope of what I do in a way that "programmer" doesn't. Besides, most people today understand that a "developer" is someone whose job includes writing code.

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