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Discussion on: Writing Clean Code

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

I disagree that formatting, and formatting consistency, is so important. I've seen enough perfectly formatted garbage code and poorly formatted clean code to doubt the major significance of formatting. I will agree that it makes legible code even easier to read, but I disagree that on its own it brings anything.

Too often I see projects start to go overboard with their style guidelines. They can get in the way and even consume a project.

Defintily good names help. I don't think we should blame people for having bad names though. It's a very contextual thing. While working on a piece of code one name seems totally appropriate, but later, when missing context, it seems a bit lacking. But we can't just add full context to all names, we have to rely on people understanding the surrounding code. Otherwise we'd end up with ridiculously long names for everything -- and they still wouldn't be enough.

Avoiding nesting code is good. But alas, there are a camp of people that are, for some reason, utterly opposed to early returns and break statements. Make sure you show that piece of code during an interview to avoid hiring those people! :)