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Discussion on: If installing SSL certificate on an Nginx webserver - don't forget this step

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Moya Richards Author

Do you use the Apache webserver?

In apache we used to able to use a separate directive SSLCertificateChainFile for the bundle file, but SSLCertificateChainFile is depreciated now.

The SSLCertificateFile directive has been extended to also load the server certificate file plus the intermediate CA certificates

on Windows use the command below to create a PEM format file containing the SSL certificate and the certification chain

copy ssl_certificate.crt + IntermediateCA.crt certbundle.pem /b

In the apache web server virtual host file for SSL add:

SSLCertificateFile "c:/Apache24/conf/ssl/2020/certbundle.pem"

Do not use: --------------------

  • SSLCertificateFile "c:/Apache24/conf/ssl/2020/ssl_certificate.crt"
  • SSLCACertificateFile "c:/Apache24/conf/ssl/2020/IntermediateCA.crt"