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Discussion on: 4 reasons why you should use GraphQL over REST APIs

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Alex Boutin

Thats a good article about difference between GarphQL and REST yes, but it is more of a clickbait title, just like Siddhant said. You adress one problem of REST, wich can happen only if you cannot make changes to the API, wich you solve by creating doing the said changes on GraphQL? this use case doesn't make sense for me. Yes GraphQL can be nice for some case, just like some poeple like using NoSQL DataBase, but with bigger scenarios, it becomes way harder and less time efficient to rely on different solutions (Solutions that keep being improved with time and will get replaced one day indeed, but it's never White or Black, some things are better suited for different problem, thats all)

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Blessing Hirwa Author

yes, that's why I mentioned use cases for Graphql and said that Graphql is not always the best solution.

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