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Discussion on: How to load dynamical environment variables with Nuxt.js

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Hi! Of course it doesn't work neither in SPA nor in full static
Where would it get env variables from? Client browser? 😀
It works in SSR mode only, it's whole point is to be able to change some variables server-side after build. Full static mode just generates ready html for use with static hosting. It's just html files which can't use anything from the server. Same goes for SPA

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Konstantin BIFERT

I actually achieved it with SPA without too much trouble (publicRuntimeConfig is dope simple to use in fact). :D
But yeah, it does probably not work in full static or maybe with some hacky stuff like this one:

And yeah, I do agree that it's probably not feasible in full static for obvious reasons but who knows, it was maybe a cool way of handling this one.

Still thanks for the quick reply and have a great day. 😃