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It’s so weird the world we’re living in. During the 00s, Apple was promoting Unix and the openness of their systems while Microsoft was saying you’re going to use Windows and like it.

Now Apple doesn’t even mention Unix on its macOS page and they are deprecating scripting languages such as Python, Perl, and Ruby. They’ll still be available as an optional install, but you can’t rely on them being there when writing software. The system is getting locked up tighter and tighter, it even phone homes on every script to check for notarization.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is going full in on Linux, giving users all of the creative apps of Windows along with a full open source Linux kernel. There are phone home issues with Microsoft too, but that’s what Pi-hole is for.

It will be interesting to see what Apple does with the ARM based MacBooks. I predict they will be locked down like iOS. No terminal, and can only use apps from the App Store.

I wish Affinity would release a version of Designer and Photo for Linux.


Affinity's software would be nice, but if Adobe CC was available on Linux I'd have no reason not to use it. Anyway, Inkscape is quite nice on Linux, I don't do photo editing that much so I don't need Gimp, and I'm just discovering the potential of Blender, so my preferences might change. 😉


Funny observation! Yes I agree, Apple seems to become ever more "closed" and MS ever more "open". And Apple becoming more arrogant, MS more nimble and humble. The world is turning upside down.

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