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Push all posts of into Webhooks

thomasbnt profile image Thomas Bnt Updated on ・2 min read
  • Introduction

Hello everybody, today I wanted to share a tool that most people probably know, but it's always a benefit to do an post on it.

Make a simple Webhook request to each post on

The system is very simple, it will retrieve the RSS feed from and every time there is a new entry, IFTTT will start and send a message in Webhook.

In this example, my Webhook outpout is on Discord, a communication platform that is widely used by players, developers, communities and other people.

  • Setup

1) To get started, log in or create your IFTTT account.
2) Start to clic on New Applet
3) If RSS Feed ▶️ New Feed Item ▶️ In the Feed url, put '' or '' ▶️ Create trigger
4) then Webhooks ▶️ Make a web request.

For the webhooks settings on Discord, here is the example to do :

For your body, you can send a embed message on Discord.

    "embeds": [{ 
                "text":"Auteur : {{EntryAuthor}}", 

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If you don't want a embed but only a simple message with the title and url of the new post :

{"content": "[{{EntryTitle}}]({{EntryUrl}}) was posted by {{EntryAuthor}}"}

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  • Example of the output of Webhook on Discord

And here is an example that posts every day on my server, being a few developers on it, we like to have everything within reach as quickly as possible. And since it's the best way to communicate, whether written or vocal, I preferred to make a simple IFTTT condition in order to get the RSS feed and put it in.

📷 I also made another IFTTT system, this one was already prepared on the platform. Every day, once in the morning and once in the evening, the Twitter account @Splash_Everyday tweet a photo from Unsplash.

By the way, I'm looking for any RSS feed I could add to my list of Webhooks, if you have any, comment them just below and I'll see if it can be useful!

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