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Discussion on: Feeling like VAR in a LET (it go) kinda world.

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Mohamed Edrah

Just stick to it, you made it this far, you'll pull through :D. also var is still useful it's one of the easier (and i would argue semantic) ways to declare globals inside of scripts just by simple declaring a variable in the top level scope of your JavaScript, people hate var because it has some flaws (which is understandable).

if you get a job in the industry and you had to maintain legacy code bases there's a huge chance that you'll have to work with var at some point.

One book series that i learned a lot from was called You Don't Know JS by Kyle Simpson, this is my favorite programming book series and they're the best source to learn JS IMO and it's free online on Github.

Good luck.

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blaquebeardcoder Author

Mohamed thank your kindly for taking time to respond to my post and share some new insights into the history of VAR. You are also the second person this week to recommend "You Don't Know JS" -- so I'm going to make that a priority for my continued learning!

Thanks again!