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Day 4: Accelerated Learning

In terms of CS education, I keep thinking about this past summer, where I had the chance to observe elementary students learn the programming language Lua, and how I'm sort of going through the same accelerated approach with this program. With this cohort of 25 co-learners, it's been interesting observing the different types of learning and abilities all thrown together in a collaborative learning approach. Some folks are ahead, and others are catching up. We've had a crash course in HTML and CSS, and soon moving onto Ruby programming. Today we're purchasing our domain names.

On a personal level, I'm finding that my interests are starting to diverge from the main presentation. I believe the most engaged learning is when the learner works on something they're passionate or most engaged about. Artificial examples aren't as motivating to me as my own projects, so that's what I hope to work on more in the weeks ahead.

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