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After a long time with Monaco, I've been trying a few fonts with programming ligatures, currently testing out:

Perhaps one day I'll pay the $200 for:


A co-worker used this font. It was super nice to look at, and the ‘fancy’ comments are easier on the eyes.


Try PT Mono (macos). Not as good as Operator, but a very good and free alternative.


I use Fira Code as well. I also like Input, which is a proportional font designed for programming (supported in IDEs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode).

Font Playground lists a lot of popular fonts for programming. Didn't list Fira Code, Consolas, nor Input though.


A bunch more programming suitable fonts (50+ fonts) and a nice browser comparison at Programming Fonts. Each font has a link to where to get it.


Another programmer font list, with 100+ fonts: Best Programming Fonts. Doesn't have an interactive display of the fonts, but has an extensive list, and provides some pro/con bullet points on each font, and a link for getting the font.

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