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Week 2 task force 4.0

The more time passes, the more things get intense and super cool; Chris said. In fact, the second week was a bit intense but educative. We had awesome sessions with Awesomity CTO, emphasized on several technologies and practices used in tech companies. But what are they? let me not keep you wondering.

Git work Flow
I've already had an experience working with git, but at this session also, i learned new tricks and their favorite practice.

You may wonder, which version control?
Actually, was gitlab. I had no more experience working with gitlab, but this session made us superman in it. Way from creating account to pull request continuous integration with gitlab pipeline.

We also had a session about docker. More of self learning.

Lastly, we had a presentation on Friday, each summarizing what we learned the whole week. Actually, on my side was like an evaluation of how am good in presenting. which also something i have to improve in.

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