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Container Solutions | Cloud Native Engineer | Consultants | Software Engineers | Amsterdam | London | Berlin | Zurich | Montreal | Onsite / Remote | 60% - 100%

If you’re ambitious and want to be rewarded for your work, then look no further than Container Solutions. We have created a meritocratic company that promotes and rewards people and allows space for experimentation.

We hire for potential, not for skills. We value experience with public cloud computing (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) and technologies like Kubernetes (Openshift), Docker, Mesos (DC/OS). We expect you to know about cloud native, DevOps practices, what continuous delivery is and to have an opinion about microservices. Consultancy experience and strong community work (meetups, open-source projects, presentations) are desired.

If you fancy any of the positions below or want to reach out and introduce yourself, drop us a line at:

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