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re: Kotlin is for the Jvm ecosystem as far as I can tell, it's not an out and out superset of JavaScript nor is it trying to be. It just happens to hav...

i'm using javascript daily, and agree with you not related topic parts, every language has it's own env, community, advantages and disadvantage, don't forget Kotlin came as alternative for java, so in ancient times we agreed no relation between java and javascript. if there javascript will lose as a programming language.


I'm not confusing anything.
When I look at Ruby on rails code, it gives me ideas that I can take with me in other languages that are not "related to Ruby".
I don't see it as a good thing that developers don't look at what other communities are doing.
I edited the first sentence of my post.

I think your post is valid and certainly something I asked myself a few months back. I love the look of Kotlin and I use typescript as much as not.

Another language which you might find interesting is Lua, it has a fascinating community, syntax and backstory.

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