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Discussion on: Svelte: first impressions

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"Of course, theoretically, depending on the application, it may not have a significant effect on overall performance."

Yes, like I said, if you are targeting low perf devices/embedded devices, it would matter.

But again... in some cases it's better to have perf as default rather than later realizing and spending significant effort on perf optimisation.
Some would be quick to call it "premature optimisation!".. it's not, if its free.

"That's just an academic argument...
It's that Rich Harris and the Svelte team take performance seriously.."

I think most of the frameworks take perf seriously. But not all of them are equal in the end. How would you know how much they achieve in perf, without, say, benchmarking.. or dissecting their work and reviewing it? 🙂

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Erik Ostrom Author

Fair enough.