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Discussion on: 3 Tips to enhance your programming capabilities as a beginner and come up as a superhero!

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MurrayVarey • Edited

Ah man, those reversed headings made my head spin!

That makes me think of a nice little tip: where possible, give your booleans positive names. My brain gets seriously confused whenever I see code like:


Which becomes:


Or even worse:


First Try like there is no-one to solve this problem for you and then you can ask your friends or seniors.

Yeah, this is really good advice. For one thing, you'll be able to ask better questions. But make sure you do ask eventually -- I hate to hear that someone has been sat around for two days, panicking because they haven't made any progress.

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Aashir Aamir Khan Author

It's really fun, 😂 Thanks. There is another mind-bender, in the first paragraph. Maybe you've noticed?

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Aaah, I'd originally assumed that was a typo! Now I need to lie down ...

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