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Dear Mr. Lenkovits,

I read these communications from 2 years ago
(describing example need but closed as a duplicate of
where this feature was planned but its implementation had never progressed)

Also I read SO communications like this :
and conclude that I am not alone with this need (to pass all parameters from top-level job to down-level when calling them through 'build' function)

And apparently Jenkins still does not allow to do this in short and easy way.
Do you have your own ideas on how to resolve this problem ?
I am starting to lose my hope a bit.
Had to glue my separate jobs into one monster-job with parts controlled by Boolean parameters.
Would appreciate your useful response. Thank you in advance.


To begin with, if I was supposed to solve such a problem I'd definitely try to figure out if I could eliminate having too many parameters for a jenkins job. This is not the best possible design, and it can be eliminated with modularized thinking and good configuration management.

To answer the question, I don't think Jenkins has a simple solution for this. I would solve the issue somehow probably with using config files, or property files to pass many values. That could be done using pipeline-utility-steps plugin, see here:

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