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Discussion on: How To Learn JavaScript

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Mehdi Vasigh

Great post. One resource I didn't catch (and I'm sure most know about it anyway) is FreeCodeCamp which is an exhaustive and free interactive curriculum. Also the web/JS ecosystem is kinda defined by some really excellent documentation provided by the bigger and more popular libraries or tools. No better resource for learning Vue or React than their docs which are brilliantly written and have awesome examples.

Another thing I'd recommend is to find either a mentor or a programming buddy. I didn't have either when I started learning but I know that they are valuable. One thing I often did earlier in my learning journey was to find experienced devs on online communities, especially in threads about code challenges that are given during interviews, and send them my solution for the challenge in question and ask for feedback. Having others review your code is super important, even after you're hired.

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Emma Bostian ✨ Author

Yes I need to add them! Thanks :)