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Which Language to learn: 5 reasons to Choose Javascript + resources.

Programming skills are in high demand at least in my country Zambia, we are in the information age and people who can code generally earn higher salaries. It is not set in stone which is the best programming language because technology and functionality are ever-changing. The best programming language to learn depends on why you want to learn to code, your interests or for career goals.

"Software ate the world, the web ate software, and Javascript ate the web."

In this article, my first of many code related articles to come, I explore some reasons why Javascript is a good programming language to learn. I also include a couple of resources to help you learn Javascript.

1. JavaScript runs the Web.

Aside from the fact that all code in the browser runs in javascript, with a few exceptions, JavaScript teaches you programming concepts that apply to many other languages.

2. Getting started with JavaScript is easy.

Some programming languages such as Java and .NET languages need you to have proprietary tools or install extra files. In Chrome, you can ‘right click’ on any page, click inspect and you get a console in which you can run JavaScript. There is literally no reason or excuse not to get started with JavaScript.

3. JavaScript is ubiquitous.

Alongside HTML and CSS, you can use JavaScript to create any kind of website or web application. Thanks to the many available libraries and frameworks such as React and Electron, javascript can be used to build mobile apps for iOS and Android, desktop apps, smart TVs and IoT devices found in smart homes. Javascript can also be used for server-side programming thanks to Node.js

Virtually everyone who has an internet-connected device with a screen can use apps written in JavaScript

4. JavaScript has a forgiving Syntax.

When you are learning a new language there are rules on how to speak or write the language. If you break these rules, the message you are trying to communicate completely changes or in the case of computer programming becomes invalid.

Javascript’s forgiving syntax makes it really easy to learn the language. However, it’s important to explore best practices as you get better at the language for your own good, that of someone who might need to use your code and to keep away bugs.

5. JavaScript will get you paid easily and well.

Allow me to briefly talk about the Javascript Library called React. It was created by Jordan Walke a Software Engineer at Facebook. This framework has been used to build user interfaces for some of the most popular everyday apps we use on our phones such as Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc. Apps built with React are also cost-effective and are characterized by high performance.

Combining the speed of JavaScript with simplicity and improved performance, you can significantly optimize efforts of building an app, saving the employers’ time and money, and offer smart solutions to businesses.

If you are a looking for a software development job in Zambia or anywhere else in the world, having Javascript as one of your skills would give you an advantage over other developers.

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Some resources for beginners learning Javascript:

  • Mozilla JavaScript (free)
  • freeCodeCamp (free)
  • JavaScript Info (free)
  • Codecademy
  • Frontend Masters
  • Eloquent Javascript

I wish you all the best and success in your coding journey.

I originally published os on my blog Flora’s Girl but I thought to share it with my dev community too.

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