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Discussion on: Why I switched to Vim from Visual Studio Code

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Mohammed Ismail Ansari

I have been wanting to learn Vim myself since a while. However, my infatuation with Emacs does not let me try another text-editor at all. I can totally relate what it must have been for you to entirely switch to an editor like Vim where you can 'magically' perform tasks with a few key-strokes here and there, tasks that would otherwise be cumbersome in regular/modern text-editors. I also have huge respect for your efforts on learning Vim, coming from a fairly easy-to-use software like Sublime Text.

Not that I want to disrupt your happy experience with Vim, I'd just like to mention that Emacs can provide a similar experience where after starting to understanding it, in some time (depending upon how quickly you get accustomed to the awkward key-bindings) you would find yourself so excited about a text-editing tool that you cannot stop talking to people about it, as I have been since about five years now :)

It turns out that a text-editor can actually change you as a programmer by providing you with unique tools and methods to perform the same task in a more systematic and efficient way.

Happy text-editing to you!

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Ayooluwa Isaiah Author

Cheers man! Thanks for the comment