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Discussion on: JavaScript async and await

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Mayer János

Not completely, as there is one case when it can be beneficial to use return await. Let's say you have three async functions, A,B and C, where A calls B, and B calls C.
Function B calls function C in a try-catch block. If B just returns the promise returned by function C than B puts the burden of error handling on function A as it's catch block will never be called. However if it uses return await C() and C rejects the promise, the erro will be handled by function B's catch block.
I might be making this waaay more complicated than it really is so here is Jake Archibald doing it much better than I did :)

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Zell Liew 🤗 Author

Way too complicated lol. I just do this:

async function test () {
await a
await b
Return c


If C errors out, I still catch it with handleError.