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Discussion on: What does it mean to YOU to "make an impact"?

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Best question ever - I am here on a mission to bring heaven to earth and I can see how humanity is re-inventing all systems, top to bottom, and I know EACH one of us has a role to play in this great mosaic of emerging consciousness.

Making a change is this

  • Know thyself
  • Be yourself in every moment

Then I am always guided towards doing what I need to do - my part. As I said everyone has a part. I don't take any jobs to make ends meet because I believe that when I follow my true soul purpose I am always supported. So far it's worked well, 2 years and counting. I am working on a new financial system that will provide an alternative to the debt based lack based existing system.

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Dzhavat Ushev Author • Edited on

Interesting! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

So you know you're making an impact as long as you're being yourself and work on the things you believe in will benefit humanity. Is that correctly understood?