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re: Does Google make your life easy? You can have a full analytics of your website in 1 minute (Google Analytics). You can deliver fonts to your webs...

Yeah the truth is we would 100% pay for alternatives to these services if they ran at the same cost that Google runs its services, minus billions in profit.

Example to use the maps service it'd cost cents.

If there were efficient micropayment systems, then paying cents for maps would make sense.

Imagine a system that combined all these services and charged my account monthly. I'd pay maybe $2 per month. Same for a facebook-like service.

What if I was in control of my data, and of who gets it, and they'd have to pay me, not Google?

That's what the Unification token's vision is. It seems far fetched but it's actually entirely doable with an efficient blockchain implementation - they're using EOS now but any super high performance blockchain would work. Friends of mine are working on this, and I am mentioning it here because I think it's cool - I have no other affiliation to it. Also it's definitely not the only way to create such a system. It's an example that it would work.

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