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Discussion on: PostgreSQL vs MongoDB

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You have PostgreSQL and don't use PostGIS to store geo data, isn't that a crime ? ^^
Anyway you are right, I work with both, there are things I would never do with mongo (like complex geo-calcul with hundreds of gigabytes of geo-data, I understand that if you have needs that are only selection of points in an area, you don't really need PotsGIS), and other I would never do with postgres (typically storing big amount of ad-hoc data with ad-hoc structure for specific clients display (lots of geo-data for thousand of users, associated for exemple with unpredictable data that will be added later), or specific usage in general).
Also, you can always use a DB to do things it's not really meant for, like you can unlog table in postgres to improve performance (but you loose the D of ACID), or there is recent improvements in mongo that adds transaction (to add the A), but in the end, you should never try to find the unique or the perfect DB, they are meant for a purpose, and without falling in the opposite (like you said, too mush DB to maintain) you shouldn't try to fit a round in a square.
In the end, to me, it's not "MongoDB VS PostgreSQL" but "MongoDB WITH PotgreSQL", because I think they are the perfect combination for most of complete projects today.

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