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Discussion on: My tech stack if I had to build an app today

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Ferdinand Mütsch Author

So many different choices out there and nearly all of them were good :-)
In your case I'd first say that (1) wouldn't be the best option, probably. I'm not against Rails or something, but as already mentioned in one of the above comments it's on a downtrend on the one hand and doesn't necessarily teach coding best practices on the other. I'd say if someone is familiar with Ruby and Rails it's totally fine, go for it. But when learning something new from the ground up, I wouldn't take that as a choice.
If you're somewhat new to backend development, I'd first learn something more common as a solid base and then pick up on the functional stuff you mentioned in (2) afterwards. If you're a Java developer, you could absolutely take a look at either Spring Boot or Jersey. However, these things are pretty comprehensive and not that super-lighweight. Something to get started with much more easily in the backend would be either Node or Python + Django (or Flask). If having to decide from one of your three options, I'd pick the third one, although I heard that .NET Core isn't completely mature enough to be production-ready, yet.
EDIT: Btw, what works best for me for learning new stuff is to watch video tutorials and courses on YouTube, Pluralsight or Microsoft Virtual Academy (the second one isn't free for non-students, but the quality is better). Maybe you want to try that.

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Srikanth A V

Thanks for the detailed reply, Ferdinand! Really appreciate it. I might go the node / flask route to get familiar with backend dev process (probably start with express).

I have a 3 month trial of Pluralsight so I might make use of it now :) Thanks for the advice, again!