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Discussion on: Custom OpenBSD Droplet on DigitalOcean

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Heddi Nabbisen Author

Hi, 0x746461,
I have checked the detail.
This is why I didn't have to enter the password to reboot the virtual machine.

I did twice; One is after running dd if=miniroot??.fs of=/dev/vtbd0 bs=512k. The other is after installation of OpenBSD.

  1. As to the former, I used ssh connection with client certification. This session started when running ssh -i ~/.ssh/%id_rsa% root@%YOUR-HOST% above. Additionally, DigitalOcean console is open then. (Well, I updated my post about it.)
  2. As to the latter, I used DigitalOcean console and just followed the installer.

I hope this would be the answer to your question.