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Understanding ES6 and Modern JavaScript


ES6 (ES2015) JavaScript version introduced major language features that have seen JavaScript gain a lot of popularity over the years.
This has been a major language to the JavaScript language since 1997.

Features introduced in ES6 Javascript

The following features were introduced in the new JavaScript version:

  1. The let keyword
  2. The const keyword
  3. Arrow Functions
  4. For/of
  5. Map Objects
  6. Set Objects
  7. Classes
  8. Promises
  9. Symbol
  10. Default parameters
  11. Function Rest Parameters
  12. String.includes()
  13. String.startsWith()
  14. String.endsWith()
  15. Array.from()
  16. Array.keys()
  17. Array.find()
  18. Array.findIndex()
  19. JavaScript modules(better known as ES6 Modules)
  20. Iterables Object.entries

In our next article, we shall go through each feature in a summarized format and learn why leveraging on these features makes us better JavaScript developers.

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