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Discussion on: On Artificial (Un)Intelligence

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What a great discussion!
I remember learning the concept of "fire is essentially a derivative of an arrow" in yeshiva about 12 years ago, and that's what came to mind at the beginning of the article. I love your arguments for and against comparing that to AI.
The concept has so many diverse implications, especially when it comes to modern technology in halacha (Think machine matza, printed Sefer Torah, shabbos time-switch etc.) it's a really fascinating topic.
This reminds me of the (seemingly simple) question "which of the categories of damages does having a car crash fall under?" [a person who causes damage, an ox who gores, fire-as-a-derivative-of-an-arrow, fire-as-a-derivative-of-one's-possession, a pit in a public space...] and that's before we get on to self-driving cars!
Thanks for this great post