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re: Okay cool, so how are you getting Vue into the browser? CDN / compiler? I am trying to work out your options are. Do you have a repo I can take a l...

Mmm not really. Just making a general question here because as far as I could talk with colleges I get the same answer: dev tools or debugger statements.

Maybe someone got this working with vue files...

Your colleagues are correct as far as saying sometimes you cant afford luxuries. It has been done many times before, and it's just a Google away. but it involves source maps and getting the right settings for your build tool (maybe your using webpack) and the basic settings based on the chrome debugging configuration you can use, it's either an extension or it's a default I can't recall.

Thanks Adam. If that so, then this is another motive to choose React over Vue.

Debugging (and breakpoints!) is very time consuming when it cannot be fully integrated to the IDE you work with.

I didn't say you couldn't use breakpoints with Vue at all it's just a matter of getting the right help (I'm not helping it seems), I can tell you would prefer another framework but from experience in all 3, that React and Vue are very similar. Vue can even use jsx and redux which demonstrates flexibility. It's down to you to get the config right. And you can have breakpoints.

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