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I tried React and Redux once for a touchscreen, I got stuck when animating my videos, the videos would restart as I tried to animate the flexbox and css masking. I felt React had a lot of boiler plate and due to time constraints I switched to simple hxElectron and Haxe, and managed to code it all without an npm modules apart from the packaging ones. I found that by coding the html and css in Haxe the structures became simpler and the code lighter and the transpiling of haxe to js was far faster than the normal build stuff of React and I did not need to use any Webpack horrible stuff. React seemed to need extra divs for it's component approach. I am reluctant to use React but I need a job and it seems to be a standard now days, would welcome advise on reducing components and on animating divs that contain animation, webgl and canvas animations and on avoiding webpack? I have to admit that this project was my first pure js project, so the whole ecosystem seemed rather overly complex even compared to starling stuff, in the past I had made Haxe js to do pretty much anything so React seemed rather a hassle, and not really setup well for working with animation?

I have thought to explore Haxe React but unless guys like you are using it I doubt that would be useful on my CV, also I am wondering if there is much point in me looking into, I have looked at Angular2 but seems that React is more popular at the moment.

Is there a complex React project on github with video animation Redux etc... that I should look at to understand workflows with animation better, not touched React since the summer so something visually inspiring rather than a 'todo' demo but without too many npm dependancies?


The question is a bit all over the place so it’s hard to answer. This talk might be helpful regarding animation in React:

I don’t see why Redux would be relevant to animations and how seeing a project that does both would be helpful.

Maybe if you can narrow down your question a bit, I could answer better.


Thanks lovely video digging deeper codepens are a bit lacking.
I asked Sarah on twitter about React/greensocks but there was only a Babel js codepen example or I sign up to go on a workshop which I probably can't afford. Really what would be ideal for me is a simple github with basic setup instructions. Seems she's moved over to Vue as it's simpler for animation? I guess the main use of Redux was for simple logging user actions to the touchscreen to a log file. The video did not really explain too much on React and does not explain about making sure a video did not stop when playing if the mask and matrix dimensions were changed/tweened. It seemed to talk a lot about tweens (which I know how to build my own engine due to penners as2 book), but skips over much detail on react, or assume a lot of knowledge. But it was inspiring till I realised it lacked the detail for me to really know how to set something up. I don't intend to be demanding - happily help anyone setup one of the Haxe game frameworks and may well already have github stuff I can point them too so I try to share my knowlege fully. Videos are great but unless they are backed up with a github that has some build instructions then they may well be inspirational - rather than practical? I know greensocks quite well I have used it lots of cutting edge back in the day flash animations even with 3d, but the talk lacks the detail needed for me to implement and evolve something within React infact I was surprised how little react was discussed I have not looked at react since the summer. Microsoft and facebook are kind of forms people so react makes sense but beyond forms I am keen to see an animated version working without plugging in too many npm's.

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