Discussion on: Are companies missing out on talent by fear of remote working?

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The biggest problem with remoting is that it becomes more problematic in companies that are secretive and piece feed project details, so if the management is broken then remoting is less easy to maintain. I have seen more problems in a company that treated one location as the development resource with management in the other office. On occasions where I worked remotely on some projects with friends, or collaborated on opensource git projects with people I have never met it normally worked much better than when I worked in noisy offices. Often I prefer to work in an office because if no progress is made your atleast seen to be working, when you work remotely it's much harder because you normally need to twice as productive and end up putting more physical hours.

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Author

Good insight and I agree. Fundamentally it involves a shift in company approach and culture and you’re right, transparency is key.