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re: I just played and got to 11. This version is a little different from other Simons I have played. In other versions, such as the one in this YouTube...

Hi!! Yes, I noticed that too. It is actually harder this way isn't it haha?
It wouldn't be that hard to make it play the whole sequence first.
This I just said sounds like the things that you think only takes a few minutes and keeps you up all night haha.
I felt that I needed to share the frustration part. My dev friends said to me that it is feeling I will constantly feel hehehe. So I think it is good to say all the newbies that frustration is good, as long as you overcome it.

Did you manage to solve your problem at the end?


I didn't. I put it on a lengthy todo list!! I am still a relative newbie (2+ years in), but I would say I run into some sort of small frustration daily. As time goes by though, I notice more moments of self gratification when I do figure out whatever the problem is.

Sure! Conflict makes us grow. That's what psychologists say about couples. I guess we can say the same about code. Haha

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