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Discussion on: Your first coding job: a Wordpress site. How to manage that?

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Nadine M. Thêry

Sure. If anyone wants to develop their career in Wordpress, my article is probably not the path to follow.
This article is for those having to face a unique project. :)

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Christopher Heireth • Edited

Don't get me wrong I love the article and WordPress. I know, I face unique projects every project daily, built on WordPress, WordPress is a powerful CMS platform and framework and super easy to use from a client perspective. I was just noting that if you get into WordPress as a platform it, especially early into it, its extremely flexible. You can literally build your entire site just using static html, css and JavaScript and drop your html files into singles.php and pages.php and add any CMS functionality you want for the client, as you said. The goal of WordPress is to democratize the user experience so you can separate code from data management and empower the client to be a collaborator/partner. They will love you for it.

That said I'm also assuming you are the designer as well or work with one, but if not then use off the shelf themes.