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Discussion on: Just starting out with Git and GitHub? It gets easier, honest!

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Patrick Zenhäusern


Interesting article.
Just a few things which came to my mind.

The definition of "branch" you have is just wrong:

It's certainly not a copy of the repo and it also hasn't directly something to do with "your computer".

Also a good starting point is to read the first few chapters of the free "pro git" book, since it's really good:

I personally also don't understand why whenever I see a tutorial / explanation everyone only uses git via the command line. I almost never do that, I always use a GUI which just makes it (for me) much easier... don't get me wrong: I think I'm pretty knowing what happens behind the scenes in git, but I still feel it's much more comfortable (especially for diffs / reviewing changes etc.) to use a tool.
My preference is Tortoise Git: