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Discussion on: Develop a Serverless Integration Platform for the Enterprise

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Thor I.

First thanks for writing this, most appreciated. Question about the reasoning behind the "Online/Offline handlers" - Did you look into doing this with the Azure API Gateway itself, Azure load balancer ? Asking since I am wondering if one really has to build this one self, I haven't checked. Thus, the reasoning behind would be nice if you could

My background is not Azure, it's integration platforms from IBM, Software AG, Aurea and Talend. In that space, we would not solve it with a function, unless deployed on a cloud (we don't have functions :). Even then, I think I would solve the same in the API gateway.

Thanks !

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Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù Author

Hey, thanks for your comment! The reason why we went with Funtions to handle the online/offline status is because we wanted to be able to create a new, custom message and save it into Service Bus. That allows us to be much more flexible in how we wanna handle that :)