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Nate Ask Me Anything

That's a great question. Obviously it is loaded with my own opinion, but I just used that term because of the article.

Basically, I think what the article is trying to get across is that there are some devs who are really good at some things.

For me, here are some of the things, I'd say make me a "rockstar" dev:

  1. Design good solutions quickly
  2. Implement solutions quickly
  3. Debug anyone else's problem (front end/back end)
  4. Take over other projects and get them shipping
  5. Breadth of knowledge (I'm older now! haha)

I never really tried to be a jerk about my skills, but I did notice that over the years people started to joke about things. Like how long it would take to implement a new feature "like 2 days for Nate" when it would take 2 weeks for others.

I would get a lot of important work because the boss knew I could get it done quicker and better. I think other devs begin to resent that, at least the ones that want to get better, but feel held back when they are compared to a "rockstar" dev, or miss the opportunity to grow and learn by getting that awesome cool project.

Hopefully that long winded response answers it for you!