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Nate Ask Me Anything

I think the main reason I wanted to change was because once you get pairing you don't want to go back. Yes, as a "rockstar" dev I can do a lot alone, and I generally write great software, but paired with someone else? Wow, simply amazing what two brains can do compared to one!
Add to that the fact that I'm not done learning, even a brand new dev can teach me things I never knew before. I'm whole-heartedly a believer in pair programming but I find that other senior devs seem to not like it, and I get it, I was there too. It's just that once you see how much more productive teams can be when they pair you don't want to go back!

There's a part of me that hates that I posted this, only for the fact that it makes me look cocky, which I can be in real life, but my whole point was more to focus on why "rockstars" can be bad, like the article pointed out, and I wanted to hear from other "rockstars" as well, to get more than just my perspective on this topic.