Would you relocate for a contract position?

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I have talked to a few who have relocated for a contracting position. Overall, these positions have worked out well for those individuals. However, I can't see myself willing to take that risk if I was in their shoes. Would you do it under the right circumstances?

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Software development is one area where people can work remotely from the comforts of their homes and it isn't necessary to visit the 9-5 offices. We should encourage this culture as its good for the dev's creativity too. We are living in the digital age where collaboration, communication and participation can happen online too.


No, I’m the same as you. Main reasons for me are health insurance (I’m in the US) and that I live near family and friends right now and no job is more important than that, but especially a contract job. In fact a lot of contract positions are misclassified as contract anyway, in the US at least.


Right, friends and family are a major part of my reasoning as well. If I was going to relocate, I think it would have to be a dream job that was a permanent position.


That's even more risky when it involves finding new schools and selling a house. I think hiring that way leads to companies mostly finding younger devs who aren't rooted in an area yet. That seems to be the preference anyway though.


This all depends on your personal circumstances. For me, I would not relocate for a contract position, but I also never work on contracts. I always seek FTE status with a company. I need the feeling of stability, especially since I’m the primary earner in my family, so that makes a big difference in these decisions.

I have friends who are also their families’ primary earners, but they have built up their own businesses around contract work, so the risk is more tolerable to them.


I wouldn't, but mostly because I don't believe the right circumstances exist for me. I've been extremely lucky in my career, all of my positions have been full time, salaried, with middling to great benefits. I have a wife, two kids, and one with special needs, so relocating is sort of off the table — consistency is so important. Given the prevalence of remote work, I would definitely be willing to shift my working hours, but I don't see myself moving for a contract job.


I don't think I would change countries for a contract position.
I would consider it otherwise. It would depend on the area, I currently live in a place with little to no tech careers, if it was a location with a lot of jobs I would look at it as an opportunity to meet people in the industry for that year.


I wouldn't do it but having a family makes it an open and shut discussion for me. I have been fortunate to work remotely the last 10 years so I'm incredulous that relocation is necessary at all these days.


An apartment lease is usually 12 months. Accepting a contract and moving is A HUGE risk just because of this one fact alone.


Not unless the contract position paid for relocation and the contract was over a year.

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