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"if you leave 50 nitpicky (is that a word?), unkind comments under a PR of someone who is a junior programmer, you are not proving your superiority as a developer. You are proving that you're not a good human being"

1 comment or 50 doesn't make you a good or bad person. You can leave one comment that could brand you as the biggest jerk or 50 really useful comments. Tone and working agreements are important. If the "nitpicky" comments are about agreed upon styling standards, design patterns or architecture, then they are legitimate things to point out, not nitpicky Yeah, 50 might be a bit much, perhaps by the 15th comment that could be flag that some screens sharing / pairing could be more valuable, but it's also about preferred working styles. I'd rather have a list of things needing fixed / suggestions written down that I can go back and check rather than keeping everything straight in my head (or trying to write and listen) while on a call or in person

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