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Many people can and have written papers, blogs and even book's on the topic of Quantum Computing. The level of background knowledge required to understand Quantum Computing is high, but not unachievable. The topic is so vast that no comment could truly explain the topic.
Now i'm no authority on Quantum Computing but the

Tl;DR is that Quantum Computing, is new paradigm of computing. Which is based on natural Mathematics and can vary probabilistic in nature. In essence allowing the use of algorithms that Classical Computing find hard or vary resource intensive. That said Quantum Computing, will not fully replace Classical Computing, but will run alongside it.

If you want to learn more about Quantum Computing

  • Learn to research if you don't all ready know and then do a lot of research, but be careful and don't believe everything you read. verify the information your reading.
  • If you live near a university look to see if they have evening lecturers open the public as many do, they may just have a few on Quantum Computing
  • If your up to it engage in the online community learning about Quantum Computing
  • Practice and play with Quantum Computing, it's normally free and IBM provide free access to their cloud quantum computers.
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