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Hi Omar!

I'm on the go a lot so I actually found the 12" MacBook (not MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.. simply, the MacBook as they call it :P ) to be wonderful as my "side machine". Yes, the smaller screen may bother some people, but I got used to it pretty fast. What I absolutely love the most about it is that it is SO LIGHT! I carry it almost everywhere, which has allowed to me to work whenever/wherever. Because of the small size, I can usually place it anywhere and not be too intrusive in public spaces where many people may share a space.

I'm not up to date with Apple's latest MacBook Pro line, so I'm not sure what the price difference between the Pro line and this is, but I believe it should also be a little cheaper.

Lastly, I have to admit the rose gold color option was extremely enticing ;) Happy hunting!


I was considering this, especially since I wouldn't mind staying in the Apple eco system. My one concern was whether or not it would be powerful enough. Do you ever get any noticeable bottlenecks while using it?


Depends on what you're doing really. It's fine for me but I wouldn't want to load up A solution in visual studio with more then 20 projects in it :)

The one port is not so much of a problem for productivity, as it is a problem for potential failure. My port doesn't grip cables as tightly as it used to and sometimes loses the connection, which is pretty frustrating when you've got a second monitor hooked up.

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