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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Nazim Boudeffa • Edited on

I have finally gone in one night from scratch with that repo which I've called Hashtag and fixed all the paths in Wallstant which is intended to be an abondonware like another attempt to create such site, a guy who wrote a sorte of clone of instagram and called it (which the domain name is taken) it's why I have renamed it Hashtag Social Network as I said last week in the week win thread when I've talked about and seen some opened accounts that I have dropped from the database

Sheldon Cooper - An accident

And then wrote a story on medium to keep my motivation up to fix other issues and continue to make amazing GitHub repos forks fixed, up and running

Sheldon Cooper - I didn't really say that

Thank you Jess for your positive energy your weekly thread helps focus more

Sheldon Cooper LOL