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Discussion on: Organise your video game backlog using Trello

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Nazim Boudeffa • Edited on

Very interesting new way of playing games, it reminds me when I used to draw maps to play Zelda ALTTP, and actually I need something like this to play Might and Magic X Legacy, recently after the launch of GForce Now I have started a mini project to let someone manage some info on his owned games, I have first started with grabbing the images of all the games in python and then display them with an expressjs app. It actually works only with Steam because there is an API

I am now working on the next steps so maybe I can use your idea in this way

For the issues I have noticed that the games are not added automatically to my board, so I have just added Mortal Kombat X manually it serves for my project as a testing app on GForceNow because of my ULTIMATE controller next buy (joking)