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Discussion on: A tech interview that doesn't suck

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NBull92 • Edited

This is fantastic. I've had similar tests from companies before and on a personal note, I do better. The company also gets to know early on, what myself and other candidates are capable of, plus how we think.

Unfortunately, with the traditional leet coding tests, they're okay I'd say for graduates, as they have the time to practice on the leet code websites. But for more intermediate and senior developers, who now probably have full time lives. This isn't so easy. In my opinion, with more intermediate to senior developers, I'd rather see what they are capable of on a daily basis. As well any any areas, I feel that they need to improve on. You can then compare that to the other candidates and see which one truly fits your team for now.

Plus you have so many former "fang" employees setting up tutorial courses on these leet code tests. Are you really seeing the candidates thoughts or the course creators work?

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Jacob Paris Author

They're selecting for access to prep time and training materials for those leetcode interviews, not for ability to do the job