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How To Use "--save-dev" when installing Nodejs Modules

Why Use --save-dev

When installing npm packages, the --save-dev option is used to indicate that the package being installed is a development dependency.

Development dependencies are packages that are only needed during the development process, such as testing libraries or build tools. They are not required for the production environment where the application will be deployed.


The importance of using --save-dev when installing npm packages is that it helps to manage dependencies more efficiently. By separating production dependencies from development dependencies, it is easier to track which packages are needed for each environment. This makes it easier to deploy the application to the production environment, as only the necessary dependencies are installed.

Additionally, when other developers work on the project, they can easily see which packages are used for development purposes and which are used for production purposes. This helps to prevent confusion and reduces the risk of including unnecessary packages in the production environment.


Overall, using --save-dev when installing npm packages is an important best practice for managing dependencies and ensuring that applications are properly configured for deployment.

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