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Discussion on: This is why your Node.js application is slow

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Necmettin Begiter • Edited on

There are fundamental and much more basic problems with the data structure.

First of all, unless you have multiple nextofkin for your employees (which you don't), you must not keep employeeid in nextofkin data, instead, you must keep nextofkinid in employee data. This means one less index for nextofkin data, and having a reference to the nextofkin by the time you read employee id.

Second, if you have a list of employees you have already read from one table, and multiple nextofkin you need to read from another table, you should never ever read them one by one. In your data structure, the correct way is to create a list of employee ids, and fetch them all at once from the nextofkin list all at once.

Also, as far as I can see, most programmers confuse blocking the event loop with blocking the current response.

If the current response needs to read data from a database, that is not a blocking operation. The event loop will work on other things while ASYNChronously AWAITing for the data. Again, while that current response is waiting for the data, NodeJS will keep working on other requests and responses.