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My first React project - Instagram clone

nejcgalof profile image Nejc ・1 min read

I'm a C++ and C# programmer, but I've wanted to try the JavaScript library - React for a long time. I only have a little prior knowledge of javascript itself. For my first demo project, I chose to make a simple Instagram clone. I created this Instagram clone with React, Firebase (Auth, storage, and deploy), and Material-UI. After implementing this project, I am extremely surprised by the simplicity of React. The material-UI gave me a nice look, and the firebase gave me easy manipulation with backend, authentication, and deploying. The Instagram clone is demanding enough, exciting, and scalable for the first demo app, and I recommend this challenge to others. This demo project inspired me to take on new challenges with React soon.

This project is available on this page, where you can test some of the functionalities (do not upload or post inappropriate content).
Also, you can see the code on Github. You can reuse code on your projects, add issues if you see some problems, or have some suggestions.


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Eduardo Costa

Thats awesome! 👍

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Itai Avni


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