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This is a bad idea and an anti pattern in node world. Similar to goroutines in Go, extra processes in Node should be short lived and mostly handled in the background for extraneous tasks. It would be much better to have the plugins register themselves to an exposed init function, and go from there. Node is event based, so while I'm all ears to your approach, 95% of Node programs, even big ones, don't need to make any extra processes, manually that is.


Since we are talking hypothetically anyway, I appreciate your ears haha, here is what I'm trying to achieve.


  • Application must feel seamless during enable disable functionality
  • Application must be secure meeting owasp top 10
  • Pause and resume execution of JavaScript. (or emulate it)
  • Hotswap and never shutdown, application, emulating a PHP based pluggable CMS.
  • Use plugins on demand as required and intelligently measure and hybernate plugins which are not in use.

I'm agile, I'm not doing it all at once, just laying some foundations.

By default all my plugin processes are suspended at startup, they will be short lived switching States as required.

Your refering to workers and fork when you say "not manually"?

Is my idea overkill?

How then could I pause plugins from running. Could a generator function toggle on and off.

Ps, I know very little about go.

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