Mentoring as a way of overcoming the impostor syndrome

Manuel Fernandez on May 12, 2019

The ugly truth Having self-doubts about your accomplishments and your abilities, and having the fear of ever being exposed as a "fraud".... [Read Full]
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Many years ago, on my first full-time dev position, a senior analyst gave me the cure to I. S. and though I have looked past it a few times when I was down, it always works.

The analyst (who was my 1st year mentor) told me 'no matter what you do, how hard you work or study, no matter how much experience you acquire, there will always be someone around you who knows more, is faster, sharper, more knowledgeable etc, etc. Accept that you can never be the best, and your career will be much smoother and life much more livable'

He also suggested that I befriend my 'betters' and model them.

Like I said, sometimes when I make a big misstep, I forget that advice for a time, but eventually those words come back to me and I right the ship and sail on.


That's some really good advice John, thank you for sharing!


When mentoring it's important that you don't try to be the fake person who knows everything; never be afraid to say "sorry, I don't know the answer"

It's much better to open a web browser, search for the information you require (together), learn something new and discuss with the mentored so you both gain new knowledge.

I'm astonished by the number of times I've come across "senior" devs giving fake answers or bluffing their way through a stream of tech garbage ending up with everyone more confused than when they started!


Totally agree... that's what I was talking about when I wrote about getting your facts straight.

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