I built simple API for others to learn working with APIs

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As I wrote in my blog post about three areas I wish I had known better prior starting my iOS developer job, one of them was networking and more specifically doing POST requests to server.

I decided to help others who are learning and built super simple API for tasks along with documentation.

Users can get their token with single click and use it to “authenticate” with the api.

ApiThing homepage

I tried to make the docs as accessible as possible. And even made the API as friendly as I could. I am by no means an expert at creating APIs. I am mostly using them.

ApiThing docs

For example while updating task (I chose POST request because it is easier in many languages and frameworks than PUT) you can send only properties you wish to update and it will go through.

For example:

        "is_completed": true

Similarly the API works with either form encoded data or just raw JSON.

PS: Just yesterday I reconfigured CORS so folks can use the API in frontend JavaScript with no problems. 🙂

You can find it over at ApiThing.net.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any tips to make the API better for learners. Please do let me know.

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